Technical Management

The technical management of MILESYS NC comprises 3 design and engineering offices :

  • An Electronic design office conceiving systems using MILESYS products and integrating products from the market
  • A Software design office designing systems also using MILESYS products and integrating products from the market
  • A Mechanics engineering office where the mechanics of the products are designed, provides support in driving the subcontractors building the mechanics


The production department produces the electronics boards, the equipment, any product a customer has trusted us with, according to the processes defined in the company, the product lines defined for this equipment or product.

This includes incoming inspection of the supplies, storage management, product assembly, product testing, inspection, packing, on site installation and maintenance.

It is the rigor, the seriousness and the experience of our teams which make it possible to obtain our very high level of quality. The level of quality that our customers know they can find at MILESYS NC.

Test and Installation

We develop our own testing tools adapted to each product. Our technicians know how to make the best of these tools in order to provide our customers with a very sophisticated level of testing as well as traceability of the performances of the product.

When our customer demand it, we install our products, proceed with the commissioning. We can also maintain them.

Our services are personalized for each of our customers.


The procurement department operates for the entire OCIS group. Its primary mission consists in exchanging with the R&D department and then to purchase the elements, services or sub-contracted parts matching the expectations of our customers. These purchases must be compatible with the lead time required by the customer and with the best cost/performance ratio.

Our goal is to ensure the entire purchases of the OCIS group according to its strategy and respecting best practices.

The Purchasing department works in compliance with the external requirements (quality management, on time delivery management, protection of the company’s confidential information) and also in accordance with the internal standards (price, lead time, product values)

Project Management

Within OCIS group, several Project Directors, each specialized in a field of activity, ensure an approach aiming to organize, plan, manage, optimize the smooth progress of the project.

The Project Director will identify the risks, anticipate their possible occurrence and implement ad hoc solutions. The experience of the Project Directors combined with the experience of the teams supporting them will allow a smooth completion of the project.

Group Project Management is at the forefront, from taking into account the need to achieving an efficient solution for the customer. It sets the phases adapted to the project and ensures the success of the milestones (quality, cost, time).


Over time, MILESYS NC has developed its own skills but has also acquired new ones.

  • Acknowledgment : our management model is approved and certified by an audit
  • Involvement : we are committed to setting up a quality management system, our staff is involved in the quality management system
  • Strategy : we consolidate our position in the market and develop our bonds of trust with our customers, our suppliers and other service providers