Call Points

MILESYS NC has been designing and developing audio and video call points for more than 10 years, compliance with EC 1107/2006 (air travel) and CE 1371/2007 (rail travel).

The call points are deployed in public areas, train and metro stations, airports, taxi stations, stadiums and enterprises.

Our call points allow to connect the user with a hostess or call center via a telephone link and/or video link.

  • Information call point
  • Emergency call point
  • Emergency and information call point
  • Taxi call point
  • PRM call point or reception point
  • Visitor reception point

They are present in many countries.

MILESYS Information<br>call pointP
call point
MILESYS Emergency<br>call point
call point
MILESYS Emergency and information<br>call point
Emergency and information
call point
MILESYS Taxi<br>call point
call point
MILESYS PRM call point <br>or reception point
PRM call point
or reception point
MILESYS Visitor<br>reception point
reception point

Specific Intercom

MILESYS NC designs and develops analog and IP Intercom solutions with audio and video. Our Intercom solutions are designed to address either the PRM Intercom for Disabled Refuge in buildings, or the specific, turnkey requirements of the industry market.

MILESYS PRM Intercom for buildings
PRM Intercom for buildings
MILESYS Disabled Refuge solutions
Disabled Refuge solutions

The range of Intercom is supplemented by the Intercom range of DEPAEPE company.

Professional Telephony

With this activity, MILESYS NC covers the needs for voice communication in the sectors of Banking, Security, Transport : Trading rooms, security command centers, control room, emergency processing centers, railway dispatching, ...

The specifics of these systems are:

  • Diversity and coexistence of communication networks : digital, analog, VoIP, SIP trunking, analog radio and digital radio
  • High quality audio terminals allowing communication with several correspondents
  • Interactivity between trade specific application and voice communication
  • Communications recording and replay in synchronization with other systems (video surveillance)
  • High availability

To address these needs, MILESYS NC offers its Phonix® system, radio and dedicated lines gateways, and inter-operable terminals with recording systems and other applications.

MILESYS Gateway<br>iPG-MR16
MILESYS Gateway<br>iPG-EM2
MILESYS Gateway<br>iPG-MR2
MILESYS Terminal<br>iPIX-50
MILESYS Terminal<br>iPIX-150
MILESYS Terminal<br>iPIX-500


The goal is to recreate, in the factory, the environment of a complex system such as a train autopilot, to validate its effective operation in all its operating modes : nominal, degraded, intensive.

These tools are essential for traceability and reproducibility of the tests.

  • Standard computer platforms (PC, VME)
  • Specific interfaces : Profibus, Phonic wheel, ground-train transmission
  • Description of highly configurable stimuli, message library
  • Operator interface with Multiple windows and real-time display
  • Help modules for recording analysis and for none regression tests

MILESYS Simulateur d'environnement ferroviaire


MILESYS NC develops professional data recording solutions such as VIGIE 600 IP.

Through its Telecom expertise, MILESYS NC is one the leading suppliers of professional telephone and radio recording solutions.

MILESYS NC distributes the Versadial solution, a scalable solution that guarantees the durability of the investment, but above all, we are also approved distributors of the VoiceCollect products since October 1st, 2018.

Our customers :

  • Civil security (fire brigades, emergency services)
  • Transport (airports, harbors, semaphores, rail traffic regulation centers, urban transport command centers)
  • Security (remote surveillance, national and local police, Gendarmerie, customs)
  • Health and legal sector (emergency services, hospitals, clinics, remote secretary services)
  • Banking and trading sector
  • Call centers
  • Enterprises

Enregistreur de données<br>Milesys VIGIE 600-IP
Enregistreur de données
Milesys VIGIE 600-IP
Enregistreur de communications<br>Versadial
Enregistreur de communications
Enregistreur de communications<br>VoiceCollect VC-MDx
Enregistreur de communications
VoiceCollect VC-MDx

Airport solutions

For more than 30 years, MILESYS NC is actively developing solutions for telecommunications and solutions dedicated for PRMs (Persons with Reduced Mobility).

The European Regulation 1107/2006 and the ECAC Doc 30 entrust the airports with the mission of assistance to the travelers with reduced mobility. For this purpose, the airports have set up teams equipped with the appropriate technical means.

  • Accessible Interactive Call Point
    • MILESYS NC has developed specific products that meet all the requirements of the European regulations, suitable for any type of structure or airport, both indoors and outdoors.

  • PRM Assistance activity management tools
    • SAVHAN is a solution that provides a complete management and supervision system, simplifies the work of the assistance team, increases productivity and provides a complete view of the status of the current activity as well as a simple analysis of past activities.

      A dashboard provides a clear picture of the situation in real time and the current activities to be performed are accessible in a minimum of actions.

In every field of activity, MILESYS NC offers products and systems that are robust, reliable, open, easy to maintain, scalable and adapted to the requirements.

MILESYS NC has been working with airports for more than 10 years, offering them reliable and customized solutions throughout Europe, while taking into account the requirements of each customer, and has developed products capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.

Solution logicielle SAVHAN associée à des bornes d'informations et à des bornes d'accueil PMR/PHMR