MILESYS NC designs products and offers services that meet the needs of our customers.

The products designed by MILESYS NC such as remote reception points or kiosks, call points, reception points for travelers and other turnkey products developed specifically at the request of the customer, are already present in stations, in large numbers.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the field of operational telephony, very demanding in terms of reactivity and availability, MILESYS NC develops communication systems for control rooms, situation rooms, command and security rooms.MILESYS NC systems meet the specific trade requirements.

Our call points in the SNCF (French Railway) railway stations allow the passengers to call for information or to trigger a response to emergency issues.

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Accessibility for Persons with Reduced Mobility (PMR)

MILESYS NC, willing to ensure « access everywhere and for all » designs products and solutions to facilitate access to user with reduced mobility (PRM) to buildings receiving public.

We constantly exchange with disability professionals to be aware of the latest standards in order to offer a perfectly accessible product.

Our PRM products (intercoms, call points, reception points/kiosks, taxi call points) are already in service in many town halls, train stations and airports in France and in Europe.

For instance, the French railway, SNCF, has chosen the alarm and information call point designed by MILESYS NC for deployment throughout the Transilien network (Paris region) starting end of 2019.

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The european regulation 1107-2006 and the ECAC Doc 30 entrust airports with the mission of assistance to passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). For this purpose, the airports have set up assistance teams equipped with appropriate technical means.

With the reception points and an assistance management software, MILESYS NC offers a complete solution for the reception of passengers with disabilities and for the management of assistance services:

  • Automatic acquisition of SITA and flight notification messages
  • Organization of the services provided by the assistance team
  • Activity tracking
  • Quality of service monitoring by the airport

In addition, MILESYS NC offers information kiosks, call points and accessible security intercoms adapted for PMRs.

MILESYS NC offers robust and scalable products and systems tailored to our customers' requirements.

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Nowadays, the need to communicate effectively is paramount. Businesses are looking for effective, simple, fast, and secure ways to communicate.

MILESYS NC intervenes in the telecommunications sector through: Telephony (Phonix system, gateways et terminals), Intercoms (for buildings receiving public and for secure waiting areas) and professional voice recording solutions. This activity covers the needs of voice communication in all sectors (trading rooms, security command centers, control rooms, processing centers).

We design, manufacture et distribute, in France and around the world, communication products able to handle multiple communications simultaneously, combining functionalities of telephony, intercom, radio and video display.

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Defense & Security

Ensuring security, protection and response in the event of danger is a priority for MILESYS NC customers. Based on this observation and strong skills in telecommunications, MILESYS NC offers solutions at all levels:

  • IP terminals and radio mixing
  • IP gateways to different communications medias like BL, TETRA, radio
  • Network radio paths manager

We also design high quality audio terminal for multiple parties simultaneous communications over Ip or radio.

MILESYS NC is recognized for its expertise in developing complex products as well as its proficiency in telecommunication solutions. In this context, customers trust MILESYS NC to develop their complex equipment adapted to the specificities of their needs. The quality and robustness of its various products are a guarantee of customer satisfaction, the products being very often subjected to extreme environmental constraints and in permanent operation without the need for maintenance. The technicality of our products allows us to interest large accounts of the defense industrie.

We also develop highly technical electronic boards for critical applications in the fields of energy transformation, security or defense. These electronic boards are the fruit of a constantly renewed experience in order to guarantee very high performances, high quality, permanent scalability and a long life.

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